Culture Shock

Culture Shock Festival is international culture-educational festival taking place every March since 2008 (except in May 2005, 2006 and 2007) in the city of Križevci in Croatia, Europe. The whole month of youth activism, involving different workshops, exhibitions, concerts, public discussions and performances makes the city truly alive place for out-institutional education, cultural explorations and quality pursuit of free time.

The festival is organized by the “8-it-all” conceptual model (about what is the professional paper published and presented on the international interdisciplinary conference), offering exciting cultural, artistic and educational programs divided into the following groups: public discussions, concerts, audio sessions, movie projections, performances, theater and workshops.

Culture Shock Festival is the result of the joint efforts of two local non-governmental organizations: K.V.A.R.K. and P.O.I.N.T.. Their activists, volunteers and associates work together every year to establish “The month of cultural shocking”, free for everyone to join and participate in the exciting ways of building new approaches to the culture and education.

The project tends to solve a problem of citizens lacking the good quality urban programs in culture and education for youth, which are informing, motivating, discussion-driven on important social topics (independent culture, out-institutional education, contemporary art, popular science, new media). The two associations recognized they have enough resources in human, space and technical resources to realize such a project that commonly exist in larger urban areas.
Project indirectly targets the whole population of City of Križevci, but directly offers the programs to pupils and students. Number of direct participants or involved persons is around 900-1200, in all program units.